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Tamyra G.,

Your LiveJournal paid account for user "tammy_gray" is expiring in 10
at which time it'll revert to free account status.

If you're still using and enjoying the site, please renew your
before it runs out and help support the project. (Servers and bandwidth
don't come free, unfortunately...)


And if you have any questions or requests, feel free to ask. We want
keep you happy. :)

LiveJournal Team

Sad but true. *frowns* Simon, my love, you love to spoil your favorite idol girl. Or well anyone really.

Other than losing my account, Johnny is going to come get me this weekend and we'll have some time together. Charlize is taking the kids I think. *smiles* I swear Johnny spoils me. He's so amazing.
*sighs hearing the phone ring* Alright, well that's probably my sister, yay. I'll be around.

♥ Tammy

Hurricane Frances should be by my area by tomorrow they claim. So if the electricity goes out, I will be MIA for awhile. Don't drop Tamyra please.
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