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Wow I haven't been around here that much lately. Been too into preparing for this baby, promoting my album, all of that. I've been around, interviews, etc. My management is giving me a break because I've been complaining that being pregnant in the summer is crap. So they're letting me rest, and well basically just be the lazy pregnant woman I've turned out to be.

I bet Sasha and Amy would love to hear this, so I'll just tell them here, since I haven't been able to contact them lately. So yeah, I'm having a baby girl. Found out a few days ago, just haven't gotten around to telling anyone. I've already got a name for her too. Anisa Leanne Gray. *Shrugs slightly* Hey, I like that name..and she's my daughter. So yeah.

But I really need to clean up this house, so I should be going. I haven't talked to anyone lately, so call me up people.

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