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So something I had really going for me, is getting really messed up. I'm getting sick of waiting. The one guy who I knew cared for me, is drifting. Like I told him, maybe the sex is just too good and maybe I can't compare to it, but I still have feelings for you and love you. I'm not playing "innococent", because I seriously don't understand why the hell you just blew up at me like you did. Please don't be mad at me..I'm sorry for whatever I've done. Please don't give up..I'll still wait. We just need to talk. So call me please.

*Sighs* Well other than that, I don't know what to do anymore. I do have one more thing to say though, to Jasmine. Jas, you go out there tonight and do your best. No crying, okay? You know you have my vote sweety, you're like a daughter to me. Go show 'em whatcha got!

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